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Club of the adirondacks

“Zonta believes that all young women should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, and our club is proud to be sponsoring two girls next year.

Saiba, your passion and your mission touched our hearts and we are proud to be a small part of it!”


Carina Krautli

Contributes monthly towards our breakfast program


Jaz Singh

Is covering the annual education of two of our girls (tuition, uniform, books, footwear and lunch for the school year)

Awarded Sponsorships

Blessing Kaiuway

I’ve known Blessing since she was 3 years old back when she spent the entire afternoon sitting on my shoulders. From the day she attended our first Playback Theatre Event over 5 years ago, she has been a consistent, highly active participant in our program. She is developing into a wonderful girl – brilliant, witty, full of personality, charming, confident and so gregarious. We are very happy to help support this young girl’s education.

Grace Flah

This little girl has a very magnetic personality. She is smart, disciplined, and very caring. I met Grace when she attended one of our Reading Circles during my last trip to Liberia, November 2020. Every day entering our gate, she would beam with excitement; it was not long before she became one of our favorite students. Grace exemplifies many qualities we try to impart on our girls. We are highly optimistic about her future. With more guidance, structure and exposure to the world through our reading lessons, Grace will be a true leader.

Beatrice Flomo

Bee was a bit reserved when she first started joined our program. I met her about three and a half years ago, when she came along with some of our more consistent participants. She has regularly shown great work ethic and displays herself as a team player. More recently, she has become very more outspoken. Watching her development over the past few years has been a pleasure to observe.

Savannah Kiazolu

I often walk around the community meeting children and visiting their parents to get a feel for the support they’re getting at home. On a number of occasions, I saw this little girl doing her homework while the rest of the kids were all playing. I took notice of her as she attended our Reading Circle and her reading was terrific. During our bike rides she never complained when having to give others a turn on the bikes. She has a terrific attitude and I find her pretty selfless. She is smart and a team player with a wonderful smile. We’re so happy to award her a sponsorship.

Love Dean

This young girl has been an active participant from the very beginning of our community outreach projects. She is full of energy, enthusiastic, smart and determined. Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of children in her community, but Love always stands out as an eager participant at many events we’ve hosted over the years. We’re excited to assist her with a sponsorship.

Linda Gray

The Read 2 Ride Program organizers recognize kids who are very hardworking, respectful, and selfless. I met Linda when she was barely 3 years old, at one of our original Reading Circles. Linda is a really awesome kid. When she walks into a room, she literally lights it up! I took Linda for ice cream on my last trip to Liberia, and instead of eating it, she decided to bring it home to share. This little 6 year old girl, has a cup of ice cream…..and decides to bring it home to share with the rest of the kids! I just found that so selfless and it told me, we were helping the right kid.

Philmena Zeon

Philmena is a very brilliant girl and very charismatic. Her smile and energy is wonderful to be around. When we first met Philmena, she was almost three years old. Even at that early age, she could list the names of all Liberia’s presidents from Joseph Roberts to Ellen Sirleaf. She displays hard work, volunteerism and kindness around others- the values we try to instill among our community. She has a very bright future ahead and we’re delighted to award her this sponsorship.

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