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Outreach Projects

Read 2 Ride

Children who commit to reading two books a month, write a book report on at least one and present it to our group discussion, may have the opportunity to join our Read To Ride Program.

Reading and Creative Writing

Kids in our program attend reading lessons with a seasoned, highly skilled, dynamic instructor who challenges them individually to stretch their imagination and thought process. They’re then encouraged to put their ideas on paper unleashing their raw talents.

Computer Literacy

Most children in our community have never used a laptop and the opportunity to use one a couple of tiles per week under the tutorship of our instructor, will help prepare them for the future.

Intro To Science

Using basic tools that can be found locally, children are introduced to some very basic experiments and principles making learning science easier to comprehend and more functional.

Young Women Empowerment

Guests speakers and mentors are brought in to conduct workshops, lectures and a variety of exercises to boost the confidence of our girls, expand their skill set and inspire them.

Visual Arts

An artistic immersion program geared for the range of dabbling explores to the undiscovered true eclectic artisans both with no idea of gallery exhibitions, but the opportunities to innovative expressions while delving into the benefits of dramatic personal of traumatic experiences.

Improv Theatre

During Improv Theatre events, children are given a storyline, a moderator selects people from the audience to act out the story and is followed by a question and answer session at the emd of each performance.

Read 2 Ride 101 Future Projects

The Future of Liberia. What causes are the most important to address?
Read 2 Ride is in the process of identifying and reassessing the key fundamentals of a healthy, sustaining society to better equip and prepare our youths. In Phases II and III, we will fulfill the proactive aims we are developing in Sustainable Farming and Vocational Education. We need financial help for furthering our research and development in these efforts.

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