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Our team

Saiba Khasu Roberts

Founder and Executive Director

Saiba has spent the last 5 plus years of his life, traveling 3 to 4 times a year to Liberia working to develop engaging lives for young girls using a series of community outreach projects. His commitment, enthusiasm, vision and relentless work ethic has been pivotal in the development and expansion of the Read 2 Ride 101 Literacy Program from urban Liberia, to rural parts of Grand Cape Mount County.

James Roberts


JAMES E. ROBERTS (aka Kona Khasu) is a poet, playwright, director of stage and TV and educator who served as Director for Planning at Liberia’s Ministry of Education from 2006-2010 where he led the Liberian delegation that negotiated governing principles of the 240mil Pool Fund to rebuild Liberia’s post-war education system with donor partners UNICEF, Soros Foundation, the EU and others. He served as Executive Director of the Providence Baptist Foundation on retiring. Accomplishments include completion of the Alexander Letter Academy on the Liberia/Sierra Leone border. This School served as the site of a farm and Providence Water, a commercially sold bottle water that remains the church’s most successful social entrepreneurial effort.

In the 70s, Mr Roberts under his psuedoname became Liberia’s first TV director with the iconic KOTATI TV series and as director for the Liberian Cultural Center at Kendeja at the height of the nation’s cultural artistic renaissance where Liberian artistic disciplines were brought to public schools through the Kendeja Comes to You Program and a brief, but potent period of Liberian playwriting and performance in the years before the coup of 1980. He holds distinction from Hobart College, Boston and Harvard Universities, respectively.

Catherine Khasu


HON. CATHERINE WATSON KHASU served as Superintendent (state governor) of Grand Cape Mount from 2006 – 2012 where she was the first woman to do so and was a beloved and effective servant of the people due to her command of several local languages, her vision and understanding of traditional Liberian and Western customs. She holds a Law Degree from the University of Liberia and a Diploma in International Relations and Development from Oxford. Hon Watson had a long career as in the Liberian Foreign Service, beginning as a cadet in 1980. She served posts in Egypt and Brussels in the 80s and 90s respectively and finally retired after being asked to serve a few years in the People’s Republic of China from 2015-2017.

Jehu Richardson


JEHU A RICHARDSON is the President of Coastal Ventures Inc. Before that he served as COO of Konblo-Bumi Inc. and General Manager of AmLib United Minerals, respectively, based in Liberia. At AmLib, he and his partner and brother, geologist Nathaniel Richardson, successfully planned and begun the restoration of the 14-year dormant Bong Mines railroad until it was taken over by the Liberian government. He is also a retired pilot who served as Chief Pilot and ultimately General Operations Manager of Liberian Air and holds the distinction of Knight Commander for his contributions to Aviation. He is an alum of the University of Liberia and Pace University.

David Rosen


DR. DAVIS ROSEN was Executive Director of the Adult Literacy Resource Institute at the University of Massachusetts in Boston from 1986 to 2003. Since then, he has worked in the USA and internationally as an independent consultant and advisor to programs for school children or formerly out-of-school youth in Northern Cyprus, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, South Africa, and Liberia. In Liberia, he has been a curriculum evaluator and trainer for two national Education Development Center multi- year USAID-funded projects, and is currently an advisor with the Friends of Liberia to the WE-CARE Foundation in Liberia for its Family Literacy Initiative, funded by the Open Society Foundation. Dr. Rosen is the author or co-author of several books or columns on education.

Miatta Washington

Assistant Director

Miatta previously worked as a loan supervisor in Grand Cape Mount and Bomi Counties Liberia Economic Assistance Program (LEAP), where she helped coordinate and manage micro loans given to Liberian women to start and expand their business.

Currently, she’s helping to coordinate which schools our girls will enroll in for the coming school year, purchase all supplies needed by them and ensure we receive their emd of semester report cards. In addition to this, Miatta also works as one of our teachers.

She has a terrific temperament, is patient, consistent, cares deeply about our girls, and has a steady hand when it comes to upholding our principles.

Sam Zulon


Sam Zulon is the former Controller of Liberia Ministry of Education. He worked at the ministry of education for seven years as financial controller and his duties were preparation and execution of the ministry’s educational budgets and preparation of financial reports. He also handled all activities of all donor funded projects and prepared their financial reports for submission to various donors. Other financial responsibilities as designated by top management of the ministry was also executed by home.

Abraham Kroma

Community Counselor

Abraham has worked for the past five plus years as our community counselor and “Swiss army knife”, filling in wherever he’s needed from assisting our teachers during lessons, buying our supplies, building our tables and stools, visiting with parents along with Miatta and Annietta, teaching our kids how to ride bikes and so much more. We really wouldn’t have made it this far without his varied skill set, effort and commitment.

Annietta Reeves

Lead Teacher

Annietta has wonderful energy and is a very engaging and dynamic teacher utilizing her years of experience and varied skills to push our girls to achieve their best. She previously worked as an Instructor with the We Care Library and also travelled the country helping to improve the skills of teachers at a number of workshops in different counties.

Anja Genia Meichsner

Bike Coach/ Health and Exercise Coordinator

Anja has worked as a professional Health, Strength and Conditioning Coach for more than 15 years. She is brilliant at encouraging and motivating people to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

She is also a youth track and field coach and coaches a Youth MTB team in New England. Anja’s passion is to spread the love for riding bikes to kids and especially girls to build their confidence and strength.

As a former Triathlete and still competitive bike racer, she has an incredible knowledge about bikes and endurance sports in general.

Her passion for bikes is infectious and her energy and smile can brighten up a room even on a rainy day. She loves fun, speed and sunshine!


Cyanna Padmore


Cyanna is a recent graduate from Rutgers University, with a degree in Biology with a minor in education. She plans on attending medical school and would like to teach in the online science program, focusing on health education.

Savannah Kinzer


Savannah obtained a BA Environmental Studies from Northeastern University, with a focus in policy and the democratization of renewable energy. She is passionate about regenerative, agricultural systems and would like to help with our agricultural and sustainable development.

Kai Khasu


With a BA Computers Science, from Marquette University, Kai would like to teach kids the basics of programming and give them access and exposure to computer science….specifically python and some web development.


Tasha Merchant


Tasha has a BS Behavioral Neuroscience and MS Bioinformatics. She’s interested in helping with computer literacy.

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