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Founder Story

I was an adolescent boy when I first remember giving my clothes to other ‘less fortunate’ playmates in Weasay, an enclave where fenced-in homes and zinc shacks crowded each other along puddled paths used by animals, humans, and vehicles. We lived mere blocks from Tubman Boulevard, the paved and illuminated, central artery of Monrovia, Liberia where we might as well have been in another century.

About six years ago, I returned to my home country working on a documentary project. The film was slated to focus on child literacy and culture in dozens of countries. We shot film around Monrovia, Grand Cape Mount County and departed for Sierra Leone on a projected three week trip, but by the end of the first week in Sierra Leone, I decided to leave the project and return to Liberia. I couldn’t shake the images of what I had seen during our time filming.

I headed back to Monrovia where I experienced the Liberian holidays since my own childhood. Those three weeks were very eye-opening and painful to witness. Many children ran through the streets without any organized activities to support a truly healthy childhood. On Christmas Day, I walked through the neighborhood talking to children, adults and getting to know them. Many wore just their underwear and maybe a t-shirt. I headed home, grabbed a duffel bag full of t-shirts and tank tops I had brought as a part of my initial trip and handed them out. I returned to the US shaken, but determined to assist in whatever way I could.

Since then, I’ve traveled to Liberia three to four times a year, organizing a series of programs that revolve around education, recreational activity and environmental awareness. I have self-funded the program for these past five years and with conviction I will continue to plant the seeds that will equip this generation of children with the skills, knowledge, and values to build the future of Liberia.

I am grateful for my partnerships and wonderful team that have helped to accomplish many of our goals that were once mere dreams. I remain hopeful in these tough times and look forward to seeing what the upcoming years will bring. We kindly ask your support to help us create beautiful memories for our kids. Memories that will inspire them for a lifetime!


To educate, nourish, and offer a range of livelihood opportunities for young Liberian youth through community outreach projects, sustainable farming and the establishing of a vocational-technical school

Our Vision

An evolved Liberia, with equal access to basic necessities, quality education and peaceful fulfilling livelihood for a Liberians

Our Values

Respect. Honor. Education. Leadership. Integrity

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